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André Oehen
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Choose your favourite plant tray from a variety of special designs.
Is efficient and ecological cultivation your aim? Then our cultivation trays are just the right thing for you.
Our range includes machine-friendly transport trays and transport carriers of Euro or Danish dimensions through to European standardised packaging systems.
With our sales packaging, you can cultivate efficiently and then bring the plants directly to the POS.
Our range includes low-cost thermoformed and injection-moulded pots, decorative pot solutions and hanging baskets.
Our horticultural products for the hobby gardener.
NETPAC is a ground-breaking packaging innovation that offers great savings potential in various application areas.
NETPOT is the sustainable pot solution made of min. 50 % less (bio)plastic than a conventional pot.
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We offer a motivated personality a Apprenticeship as
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The flat film extrusion lines are designed for single to multilayer rigid films. The screw geometry of the extruders, which is specially designed for recycled products, allows a high recycled content to be processed.

The recycling concept implemented closes the loop between the thermoforming line, the granulator, the regrind silo and the extruder, thus saving tremendously on logistics costs.

NETPAC/NETPOT deep drawing

The PP mesh is formed in a two-stage processing operation. The mesh structure saves up to 50 % plastic. The process is an important step in the area of sustainability, because the resource-saving packaging can be 100 % recycled.

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André Oehen
Head of Sales International - Headoffice CH
Direct dial: +41 41 9147 800

Thierry Lainé
Vente FR
Direct dial: +33 678 38 24 87

Stephan Eckhart
Verkauf DE
Direct dial: +49 173 320 56 68